Tennessee AHGP

A Dictionary Of Distinguished Tennesseans

By Albert V. Goodpasture

The following list is both incomplete and imperfect. The reader will no doubt discover the omission of many names that ought to have a place in every list of eminent Tennesseans. He cannot help noticing that the dates of birth and death of many well-known Tennesseans are not given. I have undertaken to make the information given as accurate as possible. The time and labor in getting up a paper of this character is very great. The amount of research necessary to ascertain a single date is sometimes quite out of proportion to its value. I have given the matter what time I could, and have found it necessary to publish the list thus incomplete, or not at all. As I have thought it might be useful I have ventured to adopt the former course. All who can add other names or supply data missing in the names herein contained will confer a favor by mailing them to the author for use in a subsequent and larger list.


Abercrombie, John Joseph (1802-1877), Soldier.
Adams, John (1825-1864), Confederate Brigadier-General.
Adams, Robert H. (1792-1830), Lawyer and Statesman (Miss.).
Adams, Stephen (1804-1857), Statesman (Miss.).
Alexander, Adam R. (1781-1848), Congressman.
Allen, Robert (1778-1844), Soldier and Congressman.
Anderson, Alexander (1794-1869), Senator.
Anderson, Isaac (1780-1857), Clergyman.
Anderson, James Patton (1822-1872), Confederate General.
Anderson, Joseph (1757-1837), Jurist and Statesman.
Anderson, Josiah M, Congressman.
Anderson, Samuel R. (1804-1883), Confederate Brigadier-General.
Anderson, T. C. (1801-1882), Preacher, Educator and Author.
Anderson, W. C. (1853-1902). Congressman.
Anderson, W. E. (1791-1841), Jurist.
Andrews, George (1826), Jurist.
Armstrong, Frank C, Confederate Brigadier-General.
Armstrong, Robert (1 790-1854), Soldier.
Arnell, S. M. (1833), Congressman and Author.
Arnold, Thos. D. (1798-1870), Congressman.
Ashe, Jno. B. (-1857), Congressman.
Atchison, Thos. A. (1818-1900), Physician.
Atkins, J. D. C. (1825), Statesman.
Avery, W. T. (1819-1880), Congressman.

Bailey, James E. (1822-1885), Lawyer and Senator.
Baird, A. J. (1824-1884), Preacher and Author.
Balch, George B. (1821), Naval Officer.
Baldwin, S. D. (1818-1866), Preacher and Author.
Ballentine, J. G., Congressman.
Barksdale. Wm. (1821-1863), Soldier and Congressman (Miss.).
Barnard, Edward E. (1857), Astronomer.
Barringer, Daniel L. (1788-1852), Congressman (N. C).
Barrow, Alexander (1801-1846), Lawyer and Statesman (Miss.).
Barrow, Washington (1817-1866), Lawyer and Congressman.
Barton, David (1785-1837), Senator (Mo.).
Barton, R. M. (1851), Jurist.
Baskerville, Wm. M. (1850-1900), Educator and Author.
Bate, Wm. B. (1826), Confederate Major-General, Senator and 23rd Governor.
Battle, Joel A. (1811-1872), Confederate General.
Baxter, Ed. (1837), Lawyer.
Baxter, John (1819-1886), Jurist.
Bean, James Baxter (1870), Scientist.
Bean, Russell (1769-1839), first white child born in Tennessee.
Bean, William, first white settler west of the Alleghanies.
Beard, Richard (1799-1880), Preacher, Educator and Author.
Beard, W. D. (1835), Jurist, Eighth Chief Justice.
Bell, John (1797-1869), Statesman and Candidate for President, 1860.
Bell, Montgomery (1779-1855), Pioneer Iron Manufacturer and Benefactor.
Bell, Tyree H. (1902), Confederate Brigadier-General.
Benton, Thos. H. (1782-1858), Statesman and Author (Mo.).
Blackburn, Gideon (1772-1838), Pioneer preacher and Educator.
Blackie, Geo. S. (1834-1881). Physician and Scholar.
Blackwell, J. W., Congressman.
Blair, John (___-1863), Congressman.
Blake, T. C. (1825-1896), Preacher and Author.
Bland, James (1795- ____), Pioneer (living in 1897, aged 101 years 7 months).
Blount, Wm. (1749-1800), Statesman and Territorial Governor.
Blount, Wm. G. (____-1827), Congressman.
Blount, Willie (1767-1835), Third and War Governor, 1812-1815.
Bowen, Jno. H. (1818-1872), Congressman.
Bowling, W. K. (1808-1885), Physician and Writer.
Boyle, Virginia Frazier, Author and Poet.
Brabson, Reese B. (____-1863), Congressman.
Braden, J., Educator.
Brents, T. W. (1823-___), Preacher and Author.
Bridges, Geo. W. (1821-1873), Congressman.
Briggs, Wm. T. (1828-1894), Physician and Surgeon.
Bright, Jno. M. (1817-___), Congressman.
Brown, Aaron V. (1795-1858), Statesman and nth Governor.
Brown, Foster V. (1854-____), Congressman.
Brown, Jno. C. (1829-1889), Soldier and 19th Governor.
Brown, Joseph (1772-1868), Pioneer and Preacher.
Brown, Milton (1804-1883), Congressman.
Brown, Neill S. (1810-1886), Diplomat and 12th Governor.
Brown, Wm. L. (1789- 1830), Lawyer and Jurist.
Brownlow, James P. (1845-____), Union Brigadier-General.
Brownlow, Walter P. (1851-____), Congressman.
Brownlow, Wm. G. (1805-1877), Preacher, Journalist, Author,
Senator and 17th Governor.
Bryan, Henry H. (____-1835), Congressman.
Buchanan, John, Pioneer.
Buchanan, Jno. P. (1847-____), 25th Governor.
Buchanan, Sarah (____-1831), Pioneer.
Bugg, R. M., Congressman.
Bunch, Samuel (1786-1849), Congressman.
Burch, Jno. C. (1827-1881), Journalist.
Burnett, Frances Hodgson (1849-____), Novelist.
Burnett, Peter H. (1807-____), 1st Governor of California.
Burney, S. G. (1814-1893), Preacher, Educator and Author.
Butler, R. R. (1830-1902), Congressman.
Byrne, Thomas Sebastian, Bishop.

Caldwell, A. J. (1842-____), Congressman.
Caldwell, Joshua W. (1856-____), Lawyer and Author.
Caldwell, R. P. (1821-____), Congressman.
Caldwell, Samuel Y, Educator.
Caldwell, W. C. (1849-____), Jurist.
Caldwell, W. P. (1832-____), Congressman.
Callender, Jno. H. (1832-1896), Physician and Journalist.
Campbell, Alexander W. (1828-____), Confederate Brigadier-General.
Campbell, Brookins (1808-1853), Congressman.
Campbell, David (____-1812), Jurist.
Campbell, Geo. W. (1768-1848), Jurist, Statesman and Diplomat.
Campbell, Thos. J. (____-1850), Congressman.
Campbell, Wm. B. (1807-1 867), Soldier, Congressman and 14th Governor.
Cannon, Newton (1781-1841), Congressman and 8th Governor.
Carmack, E. W. (1858-____), Journalist and Senator.
Carr, John (1773-____), Pioneer and Historian.
Carroll, Wm. (1789-1844), Soldier and 5th Governor.
Carroll, Wm. H. (1820-___), Confederate Brigadier General.
Carter, J. C. (1838-1864), Confederate Brigadier-General.
Carter, Samuel P. (1819-____), Union Major-General and Rear-Admiral.
Carter, Wm. B. (1791-____), Congressman.
Caruthers, Robt. L. (1800-1882), Jurist, Congressman and Educator.
Caruthers, Abram (1803-1862), Jurist, Educator and Author.
Cate, Charles T., Attorney-General and Reporter.
Catron, John (1778-1865), First Chief Justice of Tennessee; Associate Justice of United States.
Champlin, James (1821-____), Founder of School for the Blind.
Chase, L. B. (1817-1864), Congressman and Author.
Cheatham, Benj. F. (1820-1886), Confederate Major General.
Cheatham, Richard (1799-1845), Congressman.
Chester, Robert I. (1793-1892), Lawyer.
Churchwell, Wm. M., Congressman.
Claiborne, Thomas (1780-1855), Congressman.
Claiborne, Wm. C. C. (1775-1817), Statesman and 1st Governor of Louisiana.
Clark, William M. (1826-1895), Physician and Editor.
Clay, Clement C. (1789-1866), Jurist and Statesman (Ala.).
Clements, A. J. (1832-____), Congressman.
Cocke, John (1772-1854), Soldier and Congressman.
Cocke, Wm. (1784-1828), Soldier and Senator.
Cocke, Wm. M. (____-1896), Congressman.
Cockrill, Mark R. (1788-1872), Farmer.
Coffee, John (1772-1834), Soldier.
Coffin, Charles (1775-1821), Educator.
Coldwell, Thos. H. (1822-____), Attorney-General and Reporter.
Cole, E. W. (1827-1899), Railroad President.
Coles, Clara, Poet.
Colyar, Arthur S. (1818-____), Lawyer, Editor and Confederate Congressman.
Connor, George C. (1834-1894), Scholar and Writer.
Conway, James S. (1798- 1855), 1st Governor of Arkansas.
Cooke, Grace McGowan, Author.
Cooke, W. W. (____-1816), Jurist.
Cooper, Edmund (1821-____), Lawyer and Congressman.
Cooper, Henry (1827-____), Senator.
Copper, Jos. A. (1823____), Union Major General.
Cooper, Washington B., Artist.
Cooper, William, Artist.
Cooper, Wm. F. (1820-____), Jurist and Author.
Cossitt, F. R. (1790- 1863), Preacher Educator and Author.
Cox, N. N. (1837-____), Congressman.
Crabb, Henry (1793-1827), Jurist.
Craighead, Thos. B. (1750-1825), Pioneer Preacher and Educator.
Cravath, E. M. (1833-1900), Educator.
Crawford, Robert (1836-____), "Osman Pasha," Commander of Turkish Army in Egypt.
Crisman, E. B. (1830- 1899), Preacher and Author.
Crockett, David (1786-1836), Pioneer, Patriot, Congressman and Author.
Crockett, Jno. W. (____-1852), Congressman.
Cross, Edward (1798-1887), Jurist and Congressman (Ark.).
Crozier, John H., Congressman.
Crutchfield, Wm. (1826-____), Congressman.
Cullom, Alvin (____-1877), Congressman.
Cullom, Wm. (1810-1896), Congressman.
Currin, David M. (1819-1864), Confederate Congressman.
Currey, R. O. (1816-1865), Physician and Geologist.

Dabney, Charles W. (1855-____), Educator.
Dake, J. P. (1827-1895), Physician.
Dashiell, John S. (1807-____), Steamboat Captain.
Davidson, H. B., Confederate Brigadier General.
Davis, Reuben (1813-1873), Jurist and Soldier (Miss.).
Davis, Sam (1842-1863), Patriot.
Deaderick, James W. (1812-1890), 3rd Chief Justice.
Deshea, Robert (____-1849), Congressman.
DeWitt, M; B. (1835 ), Preacher and Author.
DeWitt, Wm. H. (1827-____), Confederate Congressman.
Dibrell, G. G. (1822-1888), Confederate Brigadier General and Congressman.
Dickinson, David W. (____-1845), Congressman.
Dickson, Wm. (____-1816), Congressman.
Doak, Samuel (1749-1830), Pioneer Preacher and Educator.
Dodd, Thos. J. (1837-____), Preacher and Educator.
Donelson, Andrew J. (1799-1871), Diplomat and Candidate for Vice President, 1856.
Donelson, John (1718-1785), Pioneer.
Donelson, Daniel S. (1801-1863), Confederate Major General.
Donnell, Robert (1811-1855), Preacher and Author.
Dromgoole, Will Allen, Author and Poet.
Dunlap, Wm. C. (1798-1872), Congressman.
Durry, George (1817-1895), Artist.

Earle, R. E. W. (____-1837), Artist.
East, E. H. (1830-___), Lawyer.
Eastman, E. G. (1813-1859), Journalist.
Eaton, John H. (1790-1856), Statesman, Diplomat and Author.
Edgar, Jno. T. (1792-1860), Preacher and Editor.
Ellett, Henry T. (1812-1887), Lawyer.
Elliott, C. D. (1810-1899), Educator.
Emmerson, Thomas, Jurist.
Enloe, B. A. (1848-___), Congressman and Journalist.
Etheridge, Emerson (1819-1902), Congressman.
Evans, H. C. (1843-___), Congressman.
Eve, Paul F. (1806-1877), Physician and Writer.
Ewell, Richard S. (1817-1872), Confederate General.
Ewing, Andrew (1813-1864), Lawyer and Congressman.
Ewing, Edwin H. (1809-1902), Lawyer and Congressman.

Fanning, Tolbert (1810-1874), Preacher, Educator and Journalist.
Farragut, D. G. (1801-1870), Admiral.
Fitzgerald, O. P. (1829-___), Bishop, Journalist and Author.
Fitzgerald, Wm. T., Congressman.
Fitzpatrick, Morgan C, Congressman.
Folkes, W. C. (1845-1890), Jurist.
Fogg, Francis B. (1795-1880), Lawyer.
Fogg, Mrs. Francis B., Author.
Foote, Henry S. (1800-1880), Statesman and Author.
Forrest, N. B. (1821-1877), Confederate Lieutenant General
Forrester, Jno. B. (___-1845), Congressman.
Foster, Ephraim H. (1794-1854), Lawyer and Statesman.
Foster, Stephen (1798-1835), Educator.
Foster, Wilbur Fisk (1834-___), Major of Engineers, C. S. A.
Fowler, Joseph S. (1822-___), Senator.
Frazer, Jno. W., Confederate Brigadier General.
Frazier, James B., 28th Governor.
Freeman, Thos. J. (1827-1891), Jurist.
French, L. Virginia (1830-___), Poet.
Fulton, Wm. S (1795-1844), Senator (Ark.).

Gailor, T. F. (1856-___), Bishop and Educator.
Gaines, Edmund P. (1777-1849), Soldier.
Gaines, Jno. W. (1860-___), Congressman.
Galloway, M. C. (___-1898), Editor.
Gardenhire, E. L. (1815-1899), Confederate Congressman.
Garland, A. H. (1832 -___), Lawyer and Statesman (Ark.).
Garland, Bettie, Poet.
Garland, L. C. (1810-1895), Educator and Author.
Garrett, A. E. (1830-___), Congressman.
Garrett, Wm. R. (1839-___), Educator and Author.
Gattinger, A. (1812-___), Physician and Botanist.
Gentry, Meredith P. (1809-1866), Orator and Statesman.
Gibson, Henry R. (1837-___), Congressman and Author.
Gilchrist, Mrs. Annie Somers, Poet and Novelist.
Gillem, Alvin C. (1830-1875), Union Major General.
Gilmer, Mrs. Elizabeth M., "Dorothea Dix," Author.
Glass, P. T. (1824-___), Congressman.
Golladay, E. I. (1831-___), Congressman.
Goodlett, Adam G. (1782-1848), Physician and Author.
Goodpasture, Jefferson Dillard (1824-1896), Lawyer.
Gordon, Geo. W. (1836-___), Confederate Brigadier General.
Graves, Adelia C. (1821-___), Educator and Author.
Graves, James R. (1820-___), Preacher, Journalist and Author.
Green, Alexander L. P. (1806-1874), Preacher and Author.
Green, Nathan (1792-1866), Jurist and Educator.
Green, Nathan (1827-___), Educator and Author.
Grundy, Felix (1777-1840), Orator, Jurist and Statesman.
Guild, Jo C. (1802-1883), Jurist and Author.
Gwin, Wm. M. (1805-1885), Physician and Statesman (Cal.).

Hale, Will T., Author and Poet.
Hall, Allen A. (___-1867), Journalist and Diplomat.
Hall, Wm. (1796-1874), Soldier, Congressman and 7th Governor.
Halley, R. A. (1853-___), Journalist and Writer.
Hankins, Cornelius, Artist.
Harding, Wm. G. (1808-1886), Farmer.
Hargrove, Robt. K. (1829-___), Bishop and Educator.
Harris, Geo. W. (1814-1869), Humorist and Author.
Harris, Isham G. (1818-1898), Statesman, and 16th and War Governor, 1861-5.
Harris, J. George (1809-1891), Journalist and Naval Officer.
Harris, Thomas K., Congressman.
Harris, Wm. R. (1803-1858), Jurist.
Harrison, H. H. (1829-1885), Congressman and Jurist.
Haskell, Wm. T. (1818-1859), Orator and Congressman.
Hatton, Robert (1827-1862), Congressman and Confederate Brigadier-General.
Hawkins, Alvin (1821-___), Jurist and 22nd Governor.
Hawkins, Isaac R. (1818-___), Congressman.
Haynes, Landon Carter (1816-1875), Orator and Confederate States Senator.
Haywood, John (1 762-1826), Jurist and Author.
Head, Jno. W. (1821-1874), Attorney-General and Reporter.
Heiskell, Joseph B. (1823-___), Attorney-General and Reporter and Confederate Congressman.
Heiss, Henry, Editor.
Henderson, Bennett H., Congressman.
Henderson, Wm. A. (1836-___), Lawyer.
Henry, Gustavus A. (1804-1880), Orator and Confederate Senator.
Hill, Benjamin J., Confederate Brigadier General.
Hill, H. L. W. (1810-___), Congressman.
Hogg, Samuel (1783-1842), Physician and Congressman.
Holloway, Laura Carter (1848-___), Author.
Hoss, E. E. (1849-___) Bishop and Editor.
Houk, Jno. C. (1860-___), Congressman.
Houk, L. C. (1836-1891), Congressman.
House, Jno. F. (1827-___), Congressman and Author.
Houston, Geo. S. (1811-1879), Statesman (Ala.).
Houston, Sam (1793-1863), 6th Governor of Tennessee and 1st President of Texas.
Howard, M. H., Benefactor.
Howell, Robert Boyt C. (1801-1868), Preacher and Author.
Hume, Wm. (1772-1833), Educator and Preacher. -
Humes, Thos. W. (1815-___), Preacher, Educator and Author.
Humes, W. Y. C. (1830-1883), Confederate Major-General.
Humphreys, Parry W. (___-1839), Jurist and Congressman.
Humphreys, West H. (1805-1882), Attorney-General, Reporter and Jurist.
Huntsman, Adam (1786-___), Congressman.

Inge, Wm. M. (___-1842), Congressman.
Inman, Jno. H. (1844-1896), Financier (N. Y.).
Isaacs, Jacob C. Congressman.

Jackson, Andrew (1767-1845), Patriot, Soldier, Statesman and 7th President.
Jackson, A. E. (1807-1889), Confederate Brigadier General.
Jackson, Howell E. (1832-1894), Associate Justice United States Supreme Court.
Jackson, Rachel (1767-1828), wife of President Jackson.
Jackson, W. H. (1835-1903). Confederate Brigadier General.
Jarnagin, Spencer (1792-1852), Lawyer and Senator.
Johnson, Andrew (1808-1875), 15th Governor and 17th President.
Johnson, Bushrod R. (1817-1880), Confederate Major General and Educator.
Johnson, Cave (1793-1866), Statesman.
Johnson, Henry (1783-1861), Senator (La.).
Jones, Francis, Congressman.
Jones, Geo. W. (1806-1884), Statesman and Diplomat.
Jones, Ira P. (1829-1897), Journalist.
Jones, James C. (1809-1859), Statesman and 10th Governor.
Jones, Thomas M. (1816-___), Confederate Congressman.
Jones, W. P. (1819-1997), Educator and Alienist.
Joynes, Edward S. (1834-___), Educator and Author.
Judson, E. Z. C. (1 822-1866), Journalist and Author.

Keating, Jno. M. (1830), Journalist and Author.
Keeble, E. A. (1807-1868), Confederate Congressman.
Kennedy, D. N. (1820-___), Banker.
Kennedy, Sara Beaumont, Author.
Kennedy, Walker, Author.
Ketchum, Mrs. Annie Chambers (1824-___), Poet.
Key, David M. (1824-___), Jurist and Statesman.
Killebrew, J. B. (1831-___), Author.
Kirkland, J. H. (1859), Educator.

Lea, Benj. J. (1833-1894), 6th Chief Justice Supreme Court.
Lea, John M. (1818-___), Jurist.
Lea, Luke (1782-1851), Soldier and Congressman.
Lea, Pryor (1794-___), Congressman.
Leftwich, John W. (1827-1870), Congressman.
Lewis, Barbour (1824-___), Congressman.
Lewis, Wm. B. (1784-1866), Statesman.
Lindsley, J. Berrien (1822-1898), Educator and Author.
Lindsley, Nathaniel L. (1816-1868), Educator and Scholar.
Lindsley, Philip (1786-1855), Educator and Author.
Link, S. A. (1848-___), Educator and Author.
Lipscomb, David (1831-___), Preacher, Journalist and Author.
Lipscomb, Thomas (1808-1891), Physician.
Lofton, G. A. (1839-___), Preacher and Author.
Lurton, H. H. (1844-___). 5th Chief Justice Supreme Court.
Lynde, Francis, Author.

McAdoo, Mary F. Floyd (1832-___), Author.
McAdoo, Wm. G. (1820-___), Jurist and Educator.
McAdow, Samuel (1760-1844), Preacher.
McAlister, Wm. K. (1850-___), Jurist.
McAnally, D. R. (1810-___), Preacher and Author.
McCall, John E. (1859-___), Congressman.
McCallum, James (1806-___), Confederate Congressman.
McClain, Andrew, Jurist.
McClellan, Abram (1788-___), Congressman.
Mack, Robert (1772-1865), Jurist and Poet.
McConnell, Felix G. (1810-1846), Congressman (Ala.).
McComb, Wm. (1832-___), Confederate Brigadier General.
McCown, J. P. (1820-1879), Confederate Major General.
McDearman, J. C. (1844-___), Congressman.
McDonald, B. VV. (1827-1889), Preacher, Educator and Author.
McFarland, Robert (1832-1884), Jurist.
McFarland, Wm. (1821-___), Congressman.
McFerrin, Jno. B. (1807-1877), Preacher and Author.
McKendree, William (1757-1835), Bishop.
McKinney, Robt. J. (1803-1875), Jurist.
McMillin, Benton (1845-___), Congressman and 27th Governor.
McMinn, Joseph (___-1824), 4th Governor.
McNairy, John (1762-1837), Jurist.
Maddin, Thomas, Preacher and Author.
Maddin, Thomas L., Physician.
McTyeire, H. N. (1824-1889), Bishop and Author.
McGowan, Alice, Author.
Maney, George (1826-___), Confederate Brigadier General.
Marable, John Hartwell (1786-1844), Physician and Congressman.
Marks, Albert S. (1836-1891), 21st Governor.
Marr, Geo. W. L. (1779-___), Congressman.
Marshall, John (1803-1863), Lawyer.
Martin, Barclay, Congressman.
Martin, Thomas (1799-1870), Benefactor.
Mathes, J. Harvey, Editor and Author.
Maury, A. P. (1761-1848), Journalist and Congressman.
Maury, M. F. (1806-1873), Hydrographer.
Maynard, Horace (1814-1882), Statesman.
Meigs, Return J. (1801-1891), Attorney-General, Reporter and Author.
Meeks, John Henderson (1814-1898), West Tennessee Pioneer.
Menees, Thomas (1823-___), Physician and Confederate Congressman.
Meriwether, Lee (1862-___), Author.
Miller, Pleasant M. (___-1850), Congressman and Jurist.
Milligan, Samuel (___-1874), Jurist.
Mitchell, James C. (1790-1843), Jurist and Congressman.
Moon, John A. (1855-___), Congressman.
Moore, Wm. R. (1830-___), Congressman and Poet.
Morgan, Wm. H. (1818-1902), Dental Surgeon.
Morgan, S. D. (1798-1880), Merchant.
Mullins, J. (1807-___), Congressman.
Murfree, Fannie D., Novelist.
Murfree, Mary N., Novelist.
Murray, Jno. P. (1830-1895), Confederate Congressman.

Neal, John R., Congressman.
Neil, M. M. (1849-___), Jurist.
Nelson, Anson (1821-1892), Author.
Nelson, David (1793- 1844), Preacher and Author.
Nelson, Thos. A. R. (1812-1873), Jurist, Congressman and Author.
Nicholson, A. O. P. (1808-1876), Journalist, Statesman and 2nd Chief Justice.
Nunn, David A. (1832-___), Congressman.

Otey, Jas. H. (1800-1863), Bishop and Educator.
Overton, John (1766-1833), Jurist.
Owen, Richard (1810-___), Soldier, Educator and Author.

Paine, Robert (1799-1882), Bishop.
Palmer, J. B. (1825-1890), Confederate Brigadier General.
Paschall, Edwin (1799-1869), Educator and Historian.
Patterson, David T. (1819-___), Jurist and Senator.
Patterson, Josiah (1837-___), Congressman.
Patterson, R. M., Congressman.
Payne, H. B., "Ariel," Author.
Payne, Robert (1799-1882), Bishop and Author.
Peck, Jacob (1779-1869), Jurist.
Pettibone, A. H. (1835-___), Congressman.
Peyton, Bailie (1803-1878), Lawyer, Congressman and Diplomat.
Peyton, J. H. (1813-1845), Congressman.
Phelan, James (1856-1891), Congressman and Historian.
Phelan, John D. (1809-1879), Jurist and Educator.
Pickle, Geo. W. (1845-___), Attorney-General and Reporter.
Pierce, Rice A. (1848-___), Congressman.
Pike, Albert (1809-1891), Soldier, Lawyer and Author.
Pillow, Gideon J. (1806-1878), Soldier and Lawyer.
Polk, James K. (1795-1845), 9th Governor and nth President.
Polk, Leonidas (1806-1864), Bishop and Confederate General.
Polk, Lucius E., Confederate Brigadier General.
Polk, Sarah C. (1803-1891), wife of President Polk.
Polk, Wm. H. (1815-1862), Congressman.
Pope, Mary C, Poet.
Porter, Alexander (1786-1844), Senator (La.).
Porter, James D. (1828-___), Jurist, Diplomat and 20th Governor.
Porter, Robt. M. (1818-1856), Physician and Educator.
Powell, Samuel, Jurist and Congressman.
Price, George W. F., Educator.
Prosser, W. F. (1834-___), Congressman.
Putnam, A. W. (1 799-1869), Historian.

Quarles, James M. (1823-1900), Congressman and Jurist.
Quarles, W. A. (1825-1895), Lawyer and Confederate Brigadier General.
Quintard, Charles T. (1824-1898), Bishop and Educator.

Rains, James E. (1833-1862), Lawyer and Confederate Brigadier-General.
Rains, John (1750-1821), Pioneer.
Ramsey, J. G. M. (1796-1884), Historian and Physician.
Randolph, J. H., Congressman.
Read, Opie P. (1853-___), Novelist.
Ready, Charles (1802-1878), Congressman.
Reagan, Jno. H. (1818-___), Senator (Texas).
Reese, Wm. B. (1793-1859), Jurist and Educator.
Reynolds, James B., Congressman.
Rhea, John (1 753-1 832), Congressman.
Rhea, Samuel A. (1827-1867), Missionary to Persia.
Richardson, James D. (1843-___), Congressman and Author.
Riddle, Haywood Y" Congressman.
Rivers, Thomas, Congressman.
Roane, Archibald (1760-1818), Jurist and 2nd Governor.
Roberts, Albert, Editor.
Robertson, Charlotte Reaves (1751-1843), Pioneer.
Robertson, Duncan (1770-1833), Philanthropist.
Robertson, Felix (1781-1856), Physician, first male child born in Nashville.
Robertson, James (1742-1814), Father of Tennessee.
Roseborough, Viola, Author.
Ross, Frederick A. (1796-___), Preacher and Author.
Ross, Reuben (1776), Preacher.
Rule, William, Editor.

Safford, James M. (1822-___), Geologist and Author.
Sanford, James T., Congressman.
Sappington, John (1776-1856), Physician and Author.
Savage, Jno. H. (1815-___), Lawyer, Soldier and Congressman.
Scott, W. A. (1813-1885), Preacher, Educator and Author.
Sears, A. D. (1804-___), Preacher.
Sebastian, W. K. (1812-1864), Senator, (Ark.)
Senter, D. W. C. (1832-1898), 18th Governor.
Senter, W. T. (1802-1847), Preacher and Congressman.
Sevier, Ambrose H. (1801-1848), Lawyer and Statesman (Ark.).
Sevier, John (1745-1815), Pioneer, Soldier and 1st Governor.
Shackelford, J. O., Jurist.
Shearer, J. B. (1834-___), Preacher, Educator and Author.
Shelby, Isaac (1750-1826), Pioneer, Soldier and 1st Governor of Kentucky.
Shields, E. J. (___-1846), Congressman.
Shields, John K., Jurist.
Shipp, Albert M. (1819-___), Educator and Author.
Simonton, C. B. (1838-___), Congressman.
Sims, Thetis W. (1852-___), Congressman.
Smith, Daniel (1740-1818), Pioneer, Surveyor and Senator.
Smith, Henry G. (1807-1878), Jurist.
Smith, E. Kirby (1824-1893), Educator and Soldier.
Smith, Preston (1823-1863), Confederate Brigadier General.
Smith, Samuel A. (1822-___), Congressman.
Smith, Thomas B. (1838-___), Confederate Brigadier General.
Smith, Wm. J. (1823-___), Soldier and Congressman.
Sneed, Jno. L. T. (1820-___), Jurist.
Sneed, Wm. H. (1812-1869), Congressman.
Snodgrass, C. E., Congressman.
Snodgrass, D. L. (1851-___), 7th Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
Snodgrass, H. C. (1848-___), Congressman.
Soule, Joshua (1781-1867), Bishop.
Spaulding, George (1834-___), Union Brigadier General.
Spears, James G. (1817___), Union Brigadier General.
Standifer, James (___-1836), Congressman.
Stanton, F. P. (1814-___), Lawyer and Congressman.
Stearns, Eben S. (1821-1887), Educator.
Stevenson, V. K. (1812-1884), Railroad President.
Stewart, Alexander P. (1821-___), Educator and Confederate Lieutenant General.
Stokes, Jordan (1817-___), Lawyer.
Stokes, W. B. (1814-___), Congressman.
Stout, Samuel H. (1822-___), Physician and Author.
Strahl, O. F. (___-1864), Confederate Brigadier General.
Strickland, Wm. (1787-1854), Architect.
Summers, T. C. (1812-1882), Preacher and Author.
Summers, T. O., Jr. (___-1899), Scientist and Physician.
Swan, Wm. G., Attorney General and Reporter.

Tannehill, Wilkins (1787-1858), Journalist and Author.
Tatum, Howell, Jurist.
Taylor, A. A. (1849-___), Congressman.
Taylor, Jno. M. (1838-___), Congressman and Jurist.
Taylor, Nathaniel G. (1819-1887), Preacher and Congressman.
Taylor, Robt. L. (1850-___), 24th Governor.
Taylor, Zach. (1849-___), Congressman.
Teasdale, Thos. C (1808-___), Preacher and Author.
Thomas, Dorsey B. (1823-1897), Congressman.
Thomas, Isaac, Congressman.
Thomas, James H. (1808-___), Congressman.
Thomas, John W., Railroad President and President of Tennessee Centennial Exposition.
Thomas, R. W. (1808-1876), Journalist and Author.
Thompson, Jacob (1810-1885), Statesman.
Thornburg, Jacob M. (1837-1890), Congressman.
Thornton, G. B. (1835-___), Physician and Writer.
Thruston, Gates P. (1835-___), Soldier and Author.
Tillman, Lewis (1816-1886), Congressman.
Tipton, John (1785-1839), Soldier and Senator (Ind.).
Totten, A. W. O. (___-1867), Jurist.
Trimble, John (1812-1884), Congressman.
Troost, Gerard (1776-1850), Geologist and Author.
Trousdale, Leon (1823-1898), Educator and Editor.
Trousdale, Wm. (1790- 1872), Soldier, Diplomat and 13th Governor.
Turley, Thomas B., Senator.
Turley, Wm. B. (1800-1851), Jurist.
Turney, Hopkins L. (1797-1857), Senator.
Turney, Peter (1827-___), 4th Chief Justice and 26th Governor.
Tyler, C. W., Jurist and Author.
Tyler, Robert C. (___-1864), Confederate Brigadier General.

Vaughn, A. J. (1830-___), Confederate Brigadier General.
Vaughn, John C. (1824-1875), Confederate Brigadier General.

Waddell, John N. (1812-1894), Preacher, Educator and Author.
Walker, Lucius M., Confederate Brigadier General.
Walker, William (1824-1860), Soldier, Author and Adventurer.
Ward, Wm. E. (1829-1888), Preacher and Educator.
Warner, James C. (1830-___), Iron Manufacturer.
Warner, Richard (1835-___), Congressman.
Washington, J. E. (1851-___), Congressman.
Watkins, A. G. (1818-___), Congressman.
Watkins, Samuel (1794-1880), Benefactor.
Watson, Samuel (1813 ), Preacher, Author and Editor.
Watterson, Harvey M. (1811), Journalist and Congressman.
Watterson, Henry (1840-___), Journalist, Congressman and Author.
Weakley, Robert (1764-1845), Congressman.
Weaver, Dempsey (1815-1880), Banker.
Welker, A. G., Confederate Congressman.
Wharton, Jesse (1760-1833), Lawyer and Senator.
White, Alexander (1816-___), Congressman, (Ala.).
White, Edward D. (___-1847), Governor of Louisiana.
White, Hugh L. (1773-1840), Jurist and Statesman and Candidate for President, 1836.
White, Jas. (1737-1815), 1st Territorial Delegate in Congress.
Whiteside, Jenkin (___-1822), Senator.
Whitsett, James (1 771-1849), Preacher.
Whitthorne, Washington C. (1825-1891), Lawyer and Statesman.
Whyte, Robert (1767-1844), Jurist.
Wilcox, Cadmus M. (1826-1890), Confederate Major General and Author.
Wilkes, Jno. S. (1841-___), Jurist.
Williams, Christopher W., Congressman.
Williams, James, Diplomat and Author.
Williams, John (1778-1837), Senator.
Williams, Joseph L. (1800-___), Congressman.
Williams, Martha McCullough, Author.
Williams, Thomas L., Jurist.
Wilson, S. F. (1845-___), Jurist.
Winston, Charles K., Physician.
Winchester, James (1752-1826), Soldier.
Woolwine, Samuel S., Educator.
Wright, Archibald (1809- 1884), Jurist.
Wright, John V. (1828-___), Lawyer and Congressman.
Wright, Luke E., Vice Governor of the Philippines.
Wright, Marcus J. (1831-___), Soldier and Author.

Yandell, Lunsford P. (1805-1878), Physician and Educator.
Yell, Archibald (1797-1847). Jurist, Statesman and Soldier, (Ark.).
Yerger, Geo. S. (1801-1860), Attorney General and Reporter.
Young, H. Casey (1832-___), Congressman.
Young, R. A. (1824-1902), Preacher and Author.

Zollicoffer, Felix K. (1812-1862), Journalist, Congressman and Soldier.


 AHGP Tennessee

Source: American Historical Magazine, Volume VIII, April 1903.


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