Harvey's Scouts
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Harvey's Scouts

The command was composed of the best materials, and they went without a murmur, wherever the emergency demanded, and freely shed their blood in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Our own people here at home, knew them best and loved them most. They knew that when Harvey and his men were about, they had little to apprehend from the raids of the enemy, or from those itinerant bands, the curse of all civil wars, that follow on the flanks of both armies to plunder and murder the unprotected and infirm. The jayhawkers pillaged wherever they penetrated, and outraged humanity without regard to age or sex. To protect communities from the scoundrels was a special duty of the scouts. They were familiar with every by path between Vicksburg and Natchez, and from Brandon to Yazoo City, and manifested a ubiquity and promptitude almost miraculous.

Commissioned Officers

Addison Harvey, Captain
Robert Lee, 1st. Lieutenant
Thos. Land, (killed in Georgia) 2nd Lieutenant.
George Harvey, (promoted on the death of Lieutenant Land) 2nd. Lieutenant.
William Tyson jr. 2nd Lieutenant.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Harry Cage Color Bearer
Dr. Cabiniss, Surgeon.
Sergeant Jane, Q. M. And Com. Sergeant.
R. Stansil, 1st. Sergeant.
T. Batts, 2nd Sergeant.
Jesse Jordan, 2nd Sergeant*
T. Nelson 3rd Sergeant.
Wiley N. Nash 4th Sergeant.
P. L Jordon, 5th Sergeant
H. N. Portwood 1st Corporal
R. McLemore 2nd Corporal
J. Nelson 3rd Corporal
Frank Tinnen 4th Corporal.

N. B. Was also until he was seriously wounded and was never able to rejoin his command.


Anderson, R.
Archibald, James
Barlow, John
Bates, William
Blackburn, H.
Birdsong, T.
Boyer, A.
Boiling. G.
Bolling, John
Braswell, D.
Brewster, W.
Burton, R.
Clark, Thos.
Cook, James
Cartwright, M.
Cartlett, J.
Chandler, John W.
Craig, John
Crowder, John
Cavanah, W. B.
Davenport, Isaac
Davis, James
Drane, Wesley
Deason, R.
Dupree, G.
Degrafenried, W.
Dean, W.
Eakin, T.
Eckford, W.
Estes, ____
Evans, John
Fields, Thomas
Fields, Harry
Fields, Scott
Flowers, W.
Fitts, J.
Freeman, John
 Galloway, George
Gardiner, A.
Goodloe, James
Grayham, John
Hemming Way, W.
Harvey, J.
Hamman, Thomas
Harper, R.
Henry, William
Hogan, John
Holmes, Ed.
Howcott, W.
Humes, B.
Haddock, J.
Hooks. Robert
Jackson, W.
Jones, T. B.
Kennedy, Walter
Kilgoor, J.
King, J.
Land, A.
Land, Thomas B.
Lamb, Jno
Lipscomb, Frank.
Leavell. John
Lockett, George
Lorance, John
McDaniels, S.
McBride, William
Mosby R.
Muse, B.
Myers, John
Murdoch, John
A. Er Edith. R.
Morrow, John
Moon, Junius
Neill, Hal.
Odom, E.
Owens. E.
Owens, Steve
Parks, James
Pendleton, John
Parsons, Dave
Priestly, T.
Pries__ Y. W.
Perkins, W.
Pendleton, George
Regan, T.
Renfroe, James
Robinson, Clay
Sandridge, W
Sample, D.
Shelby, George
Sherod, B.
Sherod, G.
Simmons, L.
Smith, Lud.
Smith, T
See, D
Sirene, G
Simmons, B. F
Tyson, G.
Tyson, John
Tucker, James
Taylor, E
Thompson, R
Whitehead, Thomas
Williamson, T. T. J.
Watson, John Tullis
Wood, Wallace
Weems, J
Wilson, M.
Total, 128

List of Killed

Captain Addison Harvey, Killed in Georgia
Lieutenant Thomas Land, Killed ill Georgia
Archibald, James, Killed in Mississippi
Bates, William, Killed in Alabama
Catlett, John, Killed in Georgia
Dean, W., Killed in Alabama
Fields, Thomas, Killed in Mississippi
Grayham, John, Killed in Mississippi
Kilgoor, J., Killed in Tennessee
Morrow, John, Killed in Alabama.
Rentfroe, James, Killed in Mississippi.
Tucker, James, Killed in Alabama
Total - 12

List of Wounded

Captain Addison Harvey, wounded in Mississippi
Cavanah*, W. B., Wounded twice in Georgia
Hooks, Robert, wounded in Georgia
Humes, Ben, wounded in Georgia
Jordan, Sergeant Jesse, Wounded in Georgia
Jackson*, W., wounded twice in Georgia
Land*, A., wounded twice in Mississippi
Lorance*, John, wounded in Georgia
Murdoch, John, wounded in Tennessee.
Nash, Sergeant Wiley N., wounded in Georgia
Neil, Hal, wounded in _____
Owens, E., wounded in Georgia
Portwood*, Corporal H. N., wounded twice in Georgia
Regan. T., wounded in Georgia
Stansil, Sergeant R, wounded in Mississippi.
Wood, Wallace, wounded in Georgia
Total wounded, 16

Four of the above, to-wit: Cavanah, Jackson, Land and Portwood, were each wounded twice. A. Land was wounded in a close fight with infantry, shot and bayoneted in the same action. John Lorance wounded with a sabre a fight with cavalry. The wounds of both were so severe that they were incapable of service during the remainder of the war.


Lieutenant William Tyson,  Georgia
Bailey, M., Georgia.
Braswell, D.
Brewster, W.
Burton, R., Georgia.
Cavanaugh, W. B.
Crowder, John,
Eakin, T.Georgia.
Flowers, W. Georgia,
Gardner, A. twice in Georgia.
Goodloe, James, Georgia
Harvey, J., Georgia
Harper, R., Georgia
Hogan, John, Georgia
Humes, B., Georgia
Leavell, John, Tennessee
Lamb, J., Georgia
Lorance, John, Georgia
McDaniels, S.
Myers, John
Muse, Ben, Georgia
Owens, E.
Priestly, W.
Sample, D., Alabama
Sherod, B., Georgia
Sirene, G., Alabama
Simmons. B. F., Alabama
Tyson, J., Georgia
Williamson, T. T. J., Tennessee
Total, 20

Captured and Escaped

Lieutenant Wm. Tyson.
Braswell, D.
Burton, R.
Brewster, W.
Cavanah, W. B.
Lamb, J.
Lorance, John
McDaniels, S.
Myers, John
Owens, E.
Priestly, W.
Sample, D.
Sherod, B.
Simmons, B. F.
Sirene, S.
Williamson, T. T. J.
Total, 16

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Source: Harvey's Scouts, Formerly of Jackson's Cavalry Division, Army of Tennessee, by J.F.H. Claiborne, Southern Livestock Journal Print, Starkville, Mississippi, 1885.


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