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Judges, Lawyers and Jury Members

By the act of the General Assembly of 1809, which established the circuit courts, a "supreme court of errors and appeals" was also established. This was composed of two judges in error and one circuit judge. By an act of the General Assembly passed in 1821 while in session at Murfreesboro, Columbia was designated as one of the places of holding the Supreme Court.

The first session met in Columbia March 4, 1822; the judges presiding were John Haywood, Thomas Emmerson and Robert Whyte.

The second term was held in September, 1822, at which were present John Haywood, Jacob Peck and. W. I. Brown.

The next term was in September, 1823. The judges present were Robert Whyte, W. L. Brown, John Haywood and John Peck.

The next and last session opened September 14, 1824. On June 22, 1826, the grand jury returned "a true bill" for murder against J. R. Bennett.

Members of the Jury

Samuel H. Williams
William Allen
John O. Davidson
John Farney
E. E. Davidson
William Kerr
William Pillow
Arthur M. Copeland
William Voorhies
Thomas Gill
F. R. Houston
William Jennings

A jury of good and lawful men found him guilty as charged in the indictment. Judge Mack ordered that "James Bennett be remanded to the county jail of Maury County for safe keeping till Thursday, the 26th day of September, 1826, on which day he shall be conveyed by the sheriff of Maury County to a gallows erected on the common of Columbia, and then hung by the neck until dead, and may the Lord have mercy on his soul." This execution was strictly carried out.

Among the lawyers not specially mentioned who were before the Columbia bar were

Attorney-Generals for district Gentlemen, admitted in 1818
Alfred Balch
Allen Brown
Robert L. Cobb
James B. Craighead
Francis B Fogg
Robert C. Foster
Doud. Thomas
Francis B. Fogg
J. Egnew
Madison Caruthers
R. H. Almire

Judges of Maury County

J. W. Allen
Nathan Allen
Nathaniel Armstrong
J. M. Arnold
Nathaniel Baxter
J. L. Bullock
J. S. Bullock
N. H. Burt
Terry H. Cabal
J. T. L. Cochran
Walter Coleman
W. F. Cooper
J. H. Dew
John H. Dew
F. C. Dunnington
H. B. Estes
W. S. Flemming
M. S. Frierson
O. P. Frierson
Samuel S. Frierson
J. H. Fussell
George Gantt
G. W. Gordon
W. B. Gordon
W. B Gordon
Russell Houston
Amos Hughes
Mr. Hughes
Joe E. Johnston
A. M. Looney
R. F. Looney
Barclay Martin
William P. Martin
L. D. Myers
W. D. Mitchell
A. O. P. Nicholson
H. T. Osborn
R. G. Payne
James K. Polk
W. H. Polk
W. L. Pope
Robert Prince
W. S. Rainey
J. H. Rosborough
J. M. Sidberry
T. J. Sprinkle
W. J. Sykes
J. H. Thomas
W. V. Thompson
William Voorhies
J. K. Walker
Hillary Ward
J. B. White
N. R. Wilkes
W. C. Whitthorne
N. R. Wilkes

Hon. John C. Walker was appointed circuit judge in 1864 in this district, and held the position till 1866, but no courts were held during that time.

The Last Jury Summoned before the War

J. Adkinson
William Adkinson
J. N. Alexander
J. L. Baird
J. J. Bingham
Richard Bleeker
W. D. Bryant
J. H. Coffey
W. L. Colquit
W. H. Davidson
A. W. Denham
D. R. Dortch
A. S. Dyer
J. H. Frierson
S. Goodwin
Thomas Hardeman
Henry Hartin
J. H. Joyce
G. A. Kennedy
Simpson Leggett
G. W. C. Maxwell
E. P. Mays
D. McClanahan
A. E. Neeley
Willis Nichols
J. L. Renfroe
William Roberts
L. Smith
Munford Smith
T. J. Smith
J. B. Stockam
C. A. Thompson
A. J. Turner
A. Williams
W. B. Wormley

The First Court After the War was opened by Hon Henry Cooper
Jurors were Summoned

M. G. Allen
J. P. Adkins
Thomas Baird
J. L Brown
Robertson Bryant
W. J. Cecil
P. C. Church
J. G. Dobbins
E. C. Frierson
J. M. Foster
C. H. Gray
John Glenn
Benjamin Harrison
A. W. Hill
W. II. Holt
C. P. Jones
W. C. Kennedy
E. Kirby
H. C. Kirk
A. J. Lindsley
Daniel McKannon
Duncan McKea
W. F. Moore
John Nicholson Sr.
W. C. Patton
J. G. Robinson
J. H. Russell
Samuel W. Scott
C. A. Tomlinson
J. R. Thomason
J. J. Williams

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Source: History of Tennessee, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1886


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