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Palmyra Early Settlers

As I have said, the earliest settlements in Montgomery County were along Red River, on the north side of Cumberland. It was ten or twelve years later before any permanent settlements were made on the south side of Cumberland. The earliest and most important of these was Palmyra, situated on the south side of Cumberland River at the mouth of Deason's Creek. It has the singular distinction of having been the first port of entry in the West. It was laid out by Dr. Morgan Brown, and established by legislative authority in 1796. About 1802, Dr. Brown built in this neighborhood the first iron works operated in Montgomery County. He also kept a general store, as well as a water mill. He removed to Kentucky in 1808. At that time his account books showed the name of many of the settlers in that part of the country. I take the list from an unpublished diary of Will L. Brown:

Benjamin Adams
James Adams
James Baggett
John Bayless
William Black
James Bowers
James Boyd
John Brigham
Widow Brinson
John Burgan
William Clements
Richard Cocke
Edmund Cooper
John Cooper
Robert Drake
John Duff
James Dunbar
James Edwards
Joseph Edwards
Falkner Elliott
Elisha Ellis
James Fentress
Hanse Hambleton
John Harmon
John Hubbert
Peter Hubbert Jr.
John Hughes
Col. [P. W.] Humphreys
David Hunty
Brice Jackson
Thomas Lankford
Col. William Lyons
William Lyons Jr.
Tapply Maddux
John May
Sterling Mays
John McBee
Jacob McCarty
Gully Moore
William Moon
Thomas Morse
Ezekiel Norris
David Outlaw
George Outlaw
Wright Outlaw
Stewart Parks
Joseph Penrice
Mann Phillips
Robert Prince
David Robertson
Etherington Rochell
David Ross
Solomon Scot
Robert Searcy
Isaac Shelby
Sarah Smythe
Thomas Smythe
Lavinia Stallions
Charles Teal
Edward Teal
George Teal
Stephen Thomas
John B. Thompkins
Yancy Thornton
Francis Tompkins
Absalom Tribble
Jesse Tribble
Robert Tygert
Samuel Tyner
John P. Vaughn
Martin Wells Sr.
George Westner
Henry Wyatt

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Source: American Historical Magazine, Editor A, V. Goodpasture, Volume VIII, 1903.

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