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Business and Business Men of Franklin

From a copy of the Western Weekly Review, published in 1831, the following business cards are found in Franklin.

G. W. Neeley had a cabinet shop at the north end of Main cross street near Perkin's tan-yard.

James C. Karr also had a cabinet shop two doors above the Franklin Inn.

This inn was what is now the Elliott House, this was kept by T. L. Robinson.

A boot and shoe store was kept by A. C. C. Carter, father of Moscow Carter.

Hugh Dudd was a painter and glazier; he was noted for his wit, and "was a fellow of infinite jest."

William Cayce kept a jewelry store on Main Street.

John E. Gadsey and Phillip A Yancey each were carpenters and joiners.

The female school was taught by Mrs. Moore

The corporation school and Harpeth Academy were managed by Rev. J. H. Otey and .1. A. M. E. Stuart.

Tailor shops were managed by William Anderson and Peter W. Crouch, Porter & Haffey, Samuel L. Graham and John S. Allen.

A book store was kept by J. II McMahan and J. Hogan, Jr.

The Franklin Hotel was kept by Mrs. Smith.

"Old Bell Tavern" by Thomas Miller & Co.

General stores were kept by H. P. Bostick, McComico & Hamner, Joseph W. Baughn & Co., B. S. & E. S. Tappan and C. G. Olmsted.

A music store was kept by John D. McAllister.

Tin and coppersmith shop by S. N. Sharp.

Grocery store by M. C. Cayce.

Perkin & White kept hardware and cutlery.

Blacksmiths were S. Vaughn and G. W. Lane.

The fire company was under command of Thomas Park.

The following attorney's were living in Franklin at this time: G. W. & R. C. Foster, John Marshall, P. N. A N. E. Smith, G. W. Campbell, John Bell, J. S. Jones, N. P. Perkins, J. Swanson, C A. Harney and W. PI. Wharton.

Principal Business Men 1840 - 50

Dry Goods Stores
J. W. Baughn
J. H. Otey,
George Seabright
A. & W. Park

Boot and Shoe Store
Brown & Littleton

H. Eelbeck
R. G. Richardson
Brock & Cody

McPhailt & English

Dr. S. S. Mayfield
Dr.A. J. Mayfield
Dr. R. Glass
Dr. Reid
Dr. Perkins
Dr. Crockett

Business Men ~1850 ~ 1860

Horten & Carl
J. R. Hunter
L. F. Beech
House & Bro.
Snyder & Frizzell
Broham & Co.

Drug Store
F. S. Wooldridge

Merchant Tailors
Cummings & Byers
A. W. Moss
Hyeronemus & Craig

Livery Stables
J. K. & C. R. Richardson
Neely & Haynes

Grocery Stores
S. H. Bailey
J. M. Casey
Carriage shop
W. G. D. Boehms

R. H. Teal & Toon

Iron Works
John Pugh
T. P. Pugh
C. B. Beech

Produce Dealers
Beale & Toon
McCoy & Company
M. S. Royce

Book Store
Thomas Parkes

Cabinet Shop
Courtney & Karr

Business Men following the war

Dry Goods
Joe Frankland & Co.
M. Kaufman
J. M. Graverly
J. G. Bliss
T. L. Owen
J. & M. House

James Merrill

J. C. Karr
Drug Stores
W. G. Clouster
Crutcher & Handy

Groceries, Harness
A. C. Vaughn
J. L. Parkes
Moreley & Rozell

J. J. Puryear
R. R. Hightower
Cook & Westerfiel

The Present Business  ~ 1886

Dry Goods & General Stores
Kennedy Haynes & Co.
Theo. Owen
Neely & Campbell
Joseph Frankland
Frank Adle
A. Thorner
Julius Dietrich

Drug Stores
Beech & Son
Thomas Burns
_____ White.

Agricultural Implements
C. V. Holdeman &
W. A. Johnson & Co.

Harness, Saddlery
A. J. Dennis & Company
James Russell.

Reynolds & Wilson
J. W. Bennett
Will Cody
F. Eelbeck
Newton Cannon
John Atwood
Hearn & Haynes
Ed Haynes
Mrs. John Morton

Book Store
Emma Eddy.

Livery Stables
Vaughn & Son
John Blackburn
Charles Moss

Parrish House
Elliott House
Flouring Mills
The mill owned by J. B. Lillie, built in 1870 at the head of Main Street, was built at a cost of $50,000, and has a capacity of about 300 barrels per day;
Atlas Mills were built in 1882 by Hamilton, Vaugh & Turley;
Y. M. Rezer was built in 1882.

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Source: History of Tennessee, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1886


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