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North Carolina Revolutionary Soldiers living in Tennessee. 1832

A large number of the old settlers of the county took up military claims of grants made by North Carolina to her Revolutionary soldiers. It was of this element that the country was largely peopled. As late as 1832 the following Revolutionary pensioners were living in Williamson County:

Charles Allen
John Andrews
John Beavert
Patrick Campbell
Henry Cook
Thomas Cook
Isaac Ferguson
R. Graham
Jacob Grimmer
Robert Guthrie
George Hulme
David Joey
William Kennedy
Moses Lindsey
Alex Lister
D. McMahon
Roger Mallory
George Neeley
Robert Parrish
John Pearce
Benjamin Ragsdale
Thomas Razius
James Turner
William Watkins
Joseph Witherington

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Source: History of Tennessee, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1886

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