Murfreesboro Causality List

Our loss in this engagement was very heavy in killed and wounded. We were not very successful in getting the names of our regiment who suffered. There were always difficulties in the way, having too much to do and could not get the reports. Our regiment had 38 killed and 111 wounded. The captured we did not learn.


Jarnagin, E. A. Major
Burkheart, William Co. A
Childress, D. M Co. A
Curran, O. S Co. A
McGhee, J. M Co. A
Brown, Clebe Corp. Co. B
Foster, Samuel Co. B
Aikin, S. B Co. B
Gaby, Cris Co. B
Roller, George Co. C
Erps, Adrin Co. C
Gaby, John Co. C
Keller, Geo. W Co. C
Ellison, A. J Co. F
Skelton, H. H. Co. F
McKissack, J. R. Co. F
Williams, P. A. Co. F
Hamilton, S. Rhea Co. G
Tipton, J. A Co. G
Bowles, D. R Co. G
Barger, J. R Co. G
Wayler, Jackson Co. G
Kineaid, Pat Co. H
Smith, Thomas Co. H
Stansbery, Y. A. Co. H
Easterly, Jno. L Co. C
Frazier, Capt. J. S Co. D
Rhea, William Co. D
Abernathy, S. B. Lieutenant Co. E
Earnest, Ed Co. E
Swan, J. H Co. E
Sloan, J. H. Co. E
Archer, Wm. A Co. H, The one at rock wall
Marshall, E. W Co. K
Wax. William Co. K
Miller, Charles Co. K
Fudge, Charles Co. K
Sloan, J. M Co. E.


Hutson, Andy Co. B
Smith, John Co. C
Burnett, Frank Co. C
Holly, William Co. C
Colville, R. W. Co. D
Brataher, John Co. D
Carson, Samuel Co. D
Loftis, D. W. Co. D
McClarin, Jasper Co. D
Mitchell, John Co. D
Kincaid, Creed Co. E
Sims, J. M. Lieutenant Co. F
Rhea, Wm. R. Co. G
Ford, Martin Co. G
Roller, David Co. G
Russell, W. R Co. G
Ford, Alfred Co. G
Horn, Simeon Co. G
Hilton, James Co. G
Cresswell, Van Co. G
Hale, Elija Co. G
Strange, James Co. H
Basket, John Co. H
Grogan, Washington Co. H
Alexander, Thomas Co. H
Six wounded at wall Co. I
Huffmaster, J. H. Captain Co. K
Miller, W. B. Lieutenant Co. K
Jackson, E. H. Co. K
Carmack, John Co. K

Battle of Murfreesboro Map

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Source: The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment, C. S. A., June 1861 - April 1865, by Dr. W. J. Worsham, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1902.


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