The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment, C. S. A.

This isn't a history of the "late war," or of the Confederacy. The reader of this modest volume will need to keep in mind the fact the author proposes to confine himself, historically, to what one regiment of Tennesseans did in the civil war. He will find a simple and truthful statement of facts, without comment or criticism, without bitterness or exaggeration.

Himself an honest and faithful soldier, the author tells in a straightforward way, what he and his comrades of the Nineteenth Tennessee regiment did and suffered in that cruel war. There is no reference to the long line of social and political influences which led up to the painful necessity on the part of the Southern people, to either forfeit their own self-respect, and the respect of all brave men, or go to war. And this is well. Let the dead bury their dead. There is no "bloody-shirt" here. But this will not surprise the reader when he remembers that the author was himself a soldier. For it is a well-known fact that it is not the brave and patriotic men in Blue and Gray, who stood on the firing-line in the day of battle that would keep the fires of fraternal strife still burning. Thank God the tribe is about extinct, died of pure air and sunshine. These East Tennesseans surrendered as the brave surrender, meaning peace and conciliation. They returned to the union in good faith as equals, they remain in the union as its trustworthy friends.

Battlefield Maps

Casualty Lists


Statists of 1861 - 1865

Companies ~ A ~ K
Enrollment at Organization ~ 1,017
Recruits Since Organization ~ 280
Discharged ~ 290
Transferred ~ 74
Died In Hospital ~ 294
Killed in Battle ~ 200
Absent on Furlough ~ 70
In Prison ~ 100
Wounded ~ 552
Missing ~ 205
Present at Last Roll Call ~ 64

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Source: The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment, C. S. A., June 1861 - April 1865, by Dr. W. J. Worsham, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1902.


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