The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment Biographies

Rev. David Sullins

Brother Sullins was born in McMinn County. Tennessee, near Athens in 1827. He joined the Nineteenth Tennessee Confederate regiment in June, 1861 and was made Chaplain of the regiment, which place he filled until the re-organization of the army in 1862. At that time was made division Chaplain and division Quarter-Master of General Breckenridge's division, where he remained for two years or longer.

Brigadier-General F. K. Zollicoffer

General Zollicoffer was born in Columbia Tennessee, May 19, 1812. At the beginning of the War Between the States F K. Zollicoffer was made a Brigadier-General and assigned to duty in East Tennessee in May 1861.

Felix Kirk Zollicoffer was a newspaperman, three-term United States Congressman from Tennessee, officer in the United States Army, and a Confederate brigadier general during the American Civil War. He led the first Confederate invasion of eastern Kentucky and was killed in action at the Battle of Mill Springs. Zollicoffer was the first Confederate general to die in the Western Theater.

General Zollicoffer was killed in the battle of Fishing Creek, January 19th, 1862. He was a brave soldier, generous and kind, and loved by all his command.

Columbus C. Etter

Comrade C. C. Etter was born at Mooresburg, Tennessee, October 22nd 1836, where he lived until May, 1861, when he joined Company K of the Nineteenth Tennessee Confederate regiment. Comrade Etter was a faithful good soldier and gave up his life early in the battle of his country's cause. He was killed in the battle of Shiloh, April 1862.

Major A. Fulkerson

Major A. Fulkerson was born in Washington County, Virginia, in May. 18344. Graduated at the Virginia Military Institution 1857. Joined the Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment, and at the organization in June 1861, at Knoxville, Tennessee was elected Major of the regiment. At the reorganization in April 1862, Major Fulkerson was made Colonel of the Sixty-third regiment.

Lieutenant H. D. Hawk

Lieutenant Hawk was born in Sullivan County, Tennessee, joined Company G, of the Nineteenth Tennessee, in June, 1861. At the reorganization at Corinth in 1862, he was elected Third Lieutenant of Company G. In May 1863, he was promoted to Second Lieutenancy, and was wounded in the battle of Chickamauga. He made a faithful good soldier through the war and was at the last roll call of the regiment in 1865.

Captain S. J. A. Frazier

Captain Frazier was born in Rhea County, Tennessee in 1840. Graduated with the degree of M. A., at the Tennessee College in 1859. Joined Company D of the Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment and at the organization of the regiment at Knoxville was elected third lieutenant of the company. At the reorganization was elected first lieutenant. At the death of Captain J. G. Frazier, he was made captain of the company January the 5th, 1863. At the battle of Chickamauga was wounded and captured.

James H. Havely

Sergeant James Havely was born in Lee County, Virginia, February the 24th, 1838 and moved to Tennessee when but six years old, where he lived until 1861, when he joined Company K at Rogersville, Tennessee, in April 1861. In June following, Company K was assigned to the Old Nineteenth Confederate regiment in its organization at Knoxville. Sergeant Havely was with the regiment in all her battles, shared in all the hardships of camp life. He was a faithful brave soldier. He surrendered with the regiment near Greensboro, N. C, in April, 1865.

Lieutenant William W. Etter

Lieutenant William W. Etter was born at Mooresburg, Tennessee, August 10th, 1838. He enlisted as a private in Company K. Nineteenth Tennessee Confederate regiment, May 1861. He was once wounded in the Georgia campaign. Lieutenant Etter made a brave soldier, faithful to duty and always at his post. He died January the 5th, 1898 at Palarm, Arkansas.

Clark Brewer

Comrade Clark Brewer joined Company I, of the Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment when but a boy. Made a good faithful brave soldier. He was always at his post of duty. He was wounded at the battle of Shiloh, and as soon as he was able resumed his post of duty with another command and fought with that regiment to the end of the war. Brave as the bravest, and as sensitive to duty as brave.

Colonel C. W. Heiskell

Colonel Heiskell was born ten miles west of Knoxville, Tennessee, in Knox County, on July the 10th, 1836. After graduating, he read and practiced law at Rogersville, Tennessee, until the war broke out. He entered the army as a private in Company K, May, 1861. At the organization of the Nineteenth Tennessee regiment, in June, he was elected Captain of Company K. At the reorganization of the regiment, in June, 1862, he was re-elected Captain of the company. After the battle of Murfreesboro he was promoted to Major of the regiment. He was severely wounded at the battle of Chickamauga. Sometime after the death of Colonel Moore, and before the death of Colonel Walker, Major Heiskell was made Lieutenant-Colonel of the regiment, I think in January, 1864. After the battle of Jonesboro, Georgia Atlanta campaign, and the death of Colonel Walker, Heiskell was promoted to Colonel of the regiment.

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Source: The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment, C. S. A., June 1861 - April 1865, by Dr. W. J. Worsham, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1902.


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