Shiloh Causality List

Our two brigades, Statham's and the Kentucky Brigade, after finishing the work assigned them, moved on to Corinth Friday noon and went into camp. We are sorry we could not obtain a correct list of the casualties of our regiment, but give as far as we are able the names of the killed and wounded. Lieutenant J. M. Sims, of Company F, was wounded and left on the field and was captured. After we had returned to Corinth, Mr. B. L Sims, a brother, came to the regiment and learning that the Lieutenant was wounded and left on the field, set out at once to find him. He was found about midnight in the Federal hospital unable to walk and suffering. Mr. Sims slipped his brother out of the tent and carried him on his back that night out through the picket line and five miles before he stopped to rest. They lay there the rest of the night. The next morning they were picked up by Forrest's cavalry and taken into Corinth and to the hospital.


Powers, James, Company A
Godby, John, Company A
Rowe, Lewis Company A
Willette, Jeb. T, Captain, Company B
Bains, John, Company B
O'Conner, John, Company C
Vance, Sam E, Sergeant, Company C
Easterling, John, Company C
Roberts, Isaac, Company C
Lyons, Dan, Company C
Cooper, Geo. A, Company C
Bradford, M., Company D
Kennon, M., Company D
Boofer, Wm. R., Company D
Bradley, Sam. Company E
Cunningham, S. H., Company E
Curren, Conley, Company E
Leath, T. J., Company E
Allen, Geo. W., Company F
Earner, Isaac, Company F
Chase, J. T., Company G
York, Charles, Company G
Cheek, E. W., Company H
Montague, J. R., Company I
Walker, T. H. Captain, Company I
Courtney, N., Company K
Keeling, Frank. Company K
Wolfenburg, K. S., Company K
Etter, C. C., Company K
Webster. E., Company K


Col. D. H. Cummings
Wright, Thomas, Company A.
Gaby, Sam, Company B
King, E. R., Company B
White, John, Company C
Roberts, Jake, Company C
Johnson, B. J. S., Company
Harr, Robt., Company C
Erps, Adrin, Company C
Pile, John, Company D
Webb, Lieut. Ben, Company C
Roberts, Sam, Company C
Johns, B. J., Company C
Gray, Al Company C
Pactol, Sam Company C
Wallace, J. A Lieutenant, Company D


Maj. Abe Fulkerson.
Lincoln, John, Company D
Newport, J. F. Company D
Shaver, J. A. Company D
Ward, Wm., Company D
Craig, Al, Company E
Sims, J. M., Lieutenant Company F
Rhea, J. A., Company G (died)
Potterfield, Wm., Company G
Duncan, Sam, Company G
Wilhorn, Jno. (died), Company G
Buckner, J. M., Company H
Wilkins, Doc Lieutenant, Company H
Brewer Clark, Company I
Carmack, John, Company K
Speck, Lawrence P., Company K
Massengill, Felix, Company G, (died, Inka, Mississippi)
Moore, John, Company G, (died, Brownsville, Mississippi)
Bruce, Wm., Company G. (died. Mobile, Alabama)

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Source: The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment, C. S. A., June 1861 - April 1865, by Dr. W. J. Worsham, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1902.


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