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Beginning Improvements


Mill - The first water mill, in Robertson County, was built on Sulphur Fork by Major Charles Miles, about 1793.

School - The first school in this County was taught by Robert Black, on Sulphur Fork, near Capt. Isaac Dortch's, about the year 1798. Previous to this time the young idea had been taught how to shoot in private families; that is, where it was taught at all.

Church - The first church erected in the County was a Primitive Baptist Church, called "Crammer's Meeting House,'' on Sulphur Fork, about 1790, and the Rev. Mr. Grammer & Rev. Nathan Arnett, it is thought, were the first pastors. Preaching had been had at the cabins of the pioneers by ministers of various denominations before as well as after this.

Camp Ground - The first camp ground, it is thought by some, was Mount Zion, on Carr's Creek, established about 1800. Others are of the opinion that the Ridge Camp Ground was the first, and that it was built much about the same time, the Revs. Finis Ewing, Daniel McGready and others being the officiating ministers.

Cotton Gin - The first cotton gin in Robertson County was built, it is thought, by James McFarland, on Brush Creek, about 1802-05.

Distillery - The first distillery, it is thought, was built by Jonathan Darden, on Sulphur Fork, about 1800. It was a small affair, but the County has long since become noted for its many distilleries & for its excellent whiskey. In fact. Old Robertson is quite as familiar a brand as Old Bourbon, in the marts of trade. Daniel Holman built the first distillery.

Senators and Representatives 1796-1880

Senators - Henry Frey, Edward S. Cheatham, Andrew E. Garner, Joseph C. Stark, Dr. Hugh Robinson, John A. Cheatham, John S. Hart.

Representatives - John Young, Richard Cheatham, Richard E. P. Powell, David West, John Woodard, Anderson Cheatham, William C. Conrad, Austin Barbee, Matthew Powell, William Seal, W. W. Pepper, Wiley Woodard, E. A. Fort, Sylvanus Benton, George A. Washington, B. M. Cheatham, J. A. Bell, John S. Hart, William Moore (F.), James Norfleet, James M. Malloy, Thomas Menees, David D. Holman, Joseph Washington, John Woodard, W. E. Sadler.

The First Circuit Court, 1810

"At a Circuit Court begun and held for the County of Robertson, at the Court House in the town of Springfield on the second Monday in April, 1810, being the 9th day of said month; agreeably to an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, passed at Knoxville on the 16th day of November, 1809, entitled 'An Act to establish Circuit Courts and a Supreme Court of Errors and Appeals.' Present the Honorable Parry W. Humphreys, Esq., Judge of the Fifth Circuit of said State of Tennessee."

Thomas Johnson was elected Clerk of said court; George W. L. Marr, Solicitor General.

The first Chancery Court was held in Springfield on Monday, April 1, 1844; Terry H. Cohal, Chancellor, and Edwin M. Reynolds, Clerk and Master.

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Source: American Historical Magazine, Volume V, No. 1, editor W. R. Garrett, Peabody Normal College, Nashville, Tennessee, 1900.


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