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Newspapers of Robertson County


The Cumberland Presbyterian was established in 1839, with Rev. D. E. Harris as editor and proprietor, and ran about two years. The Springfield Spy began in 1846. Grant & Ligon were editors and proprietors. It ran two years.

The Robertson Backwoodsman was first published by Kirk & McNelly in 1848. It was changed to the Springfield Intelligencer in 1840. In February, 1852, H. H. Kirk sold the paper to George H. McNelly, and about August. 1853, McNelly sold to James L. Davis, who in 1854 changed the name to the Dollar Weekly American, which was discontinued in the year 1855.

In the year 1856 a stock company bought the office, placed Mason & Shropshire on the staff, and ran the Robertson Democrat for four or five months, when it went under.

In 1859 Messrs. G. W. Davis & Co. started the Springfield Spectator (Whig), which was continued until 1862, when Morgan passed through and printed his Vidette with the material. In a few days thereafter a Federal force came through and heaved the type and fixtures out of a two-story window and broke the press to atoms.

In 1866 M. V. Ingram & Co. started a little paper, the Robertson Register, with Archie Thomas as editor and one of the proprietors, who in a few months, however, sold his interest to M. Y. Ingram, who ran the Register until October 23, 1868, when he moved it to Clarksville and changed its name to the Clarksville Tobacco Leaf. On April 16, 1869, Archie Thomas and Richard F. Thomas established the Springfield Record under the firm name of Thomas Brothers, and it is now in its tenth volume. It is Democratic. The senior member of this firm is one among the oldest of the craft in Tennessee. He entered as an apprentice in the office of the Springfield Intelligencer in October, 1850.

The firm of Thomas Brothers, in 1878, built a fine brick office two stories high on Main Street. It is an ornament to the town, being 22x60 feet. It has splendid business rooms on the first floor.

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Source: American Historical Magazine, Volume V, No. 1, editor W. R. Garrett, Peabody Normal College, Nashville, Tennessee, 1900.


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