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Tennessee is in the southeastern part of the United States. It extends from the Smoky Mountains on the east to the Mississippi river on the west. It is much larger in this direction than from north to south. If one looks at it on the map, its shape makes him think of a little boy's coasting sled.

To the north of Tennessee lies Kentucky with its blue-grass pastures and its fine horses and cattle. It was the "Dark and Bloody Ground'' settled by Daniel Boone. East of Cumberland Gap, the northern border of Tennessee touches Virginia. Many Tennesseans came from the Old Dominion, as Virginia is often called.

Beyond the great mountains on the east lies North Carolina, the mother State of Tennessee. She is sometimes called the Old North State. From this State Tennessee received her government, her laws, and her civilization. It was from North Carolina that many of her people came, and for many years the land that is now Tennessee formed a part of that State.

On the south lie the three sister States of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, white with fields of cotton. Each was the home of Indian tribes. From the western border of our State we cross the great Mississippi River into Arkansas and Missouri, which have been largely settled by people from Tennessee.

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